DAM MAD About Breast Cancer™

DAM MAD. About Breast Cancer.™

Cathy Leman is a Speaker, Author and Dietitian based in the Chicago area.

My story:

In October 2014, seven weeks after completing the Chicago Half Marathon – with a PR (personal record), no less – I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I’ve been intensely private about my experience, moving through it with the support of my family and a handful of close friends, by throwing myself into my business and continuing to function (extraordinarily efficiently, I might add) behind a wall of denial and disbelief, and seeking refuge in indoor cycling classes, a gym full of heavy metal weights, and miles upon miles of running paths.

But honestly? I’m angry.

Don’t get me wrong. I am beyond lucky in and grateful for my outcome – as my Greek friend Elena so beautifully pointed out (without minimizing my experience whatsoever) – “I am lucky in my unluckiness.”

But here’s a brief backstory.

For 19 years I’ve worked in the worlds of prevention, risk reduction and wellness as a dietitian, nutrition therapist and personal trainer. I’ve had the great privilege of helping hundreds of people improve their health through realistic, simple changes to their nutrition and fitness routines (or lack thereof).

I’m a zealot for living a healthy lifestyle that blends plant-based nutrition with consistent, safe, and fun physical activity, and integrating the science and psychology of nutrition, fitness and self-care gets me ridiculously fired up.

I know. It doesn’t make sense.

But then, what does make sense about breast cancer?

I’m not a breast cancer researcher. I’m not an oncology dietitian. I’m not even a nutrition and fitness expert who claims to have all the answers.

What I am, is DAM MAD, and I’m on a mission.


My mission? To help women adopt nutrition, food, fitness and lifestyle strategies that may reduce breast cancer risk and the incidence of breast cancer diagnoses, while optimizing healing and improving outcomes for those who are diagnosed. 

My vision? A world where all women elevate their health and build physical resilience to “Bite Back”, “Move Back” and “Strike Back” against breast cancer.  

We need a different conversation about and an alternative approach to the tsunami of breast cancer – we’re already harrowingly aware.  By lending my voice, experience and expertise to help drive action-oriented lifestyle behavior change, I believe we can impact this disease on all levels.

I don’t believe in a cure, and I’m not waiting for one [#notwaitingforacure].

nutrition speaker cathy leman

I do believe in the power of nutrition and fitness to build physical resilience, which in turn may support better outcomes – wherever one happens to fall on what I call “the cancer continuum.”

Cancer Continuum

You don’t have it, don’t want it. | You didn’t want it, but got it. | You had it, now no evidence of disease (NED). | You got it, still have it, you manage it.

If you’re DAM MAD about breast cancer, join me; I’ll show you how to “Bite Back” with nutrition, “Move Back” with fitness (including the wondrous, stress-reducing, body-connecting, grounding act of . . . .dancing!), and “Strike Back” with health-supportive lifestyle strategies.

I’m just getting started, so if you’d like to learn more and be notified when things are running at full steam, simply share your contact information below.

Book Cathy Leman to Speak at Your Event

Cathy offers two main presentations but can customize talks to your group and audience.

  • Living a DELICIOUS Life! The Seven Principles of Prevention That Aren’t About The Food.
  • Cancer Kitchyn Sync. A Three-Step Method for Aligning Individualized Nutrition with Personal Health Goals.

cathy leman dietitan and speaker on nutrition and breast cancer

Organizations Cathy has had the privilege to speak to:

  • Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute, Kansas City, MO
    • Jeffrey Wieman Cancer Survivorship Series
  • American Student Dental Association, Chicago, IL
    • Wellness Month Nutrition Programming
  • Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation, Birmingham, MI
    • 2-Day Patient Conference – New York City. Highlights from 3rd World Congress of Cutaneous Lymphomas.

Contact Cathy Leman, MA, RD, LD

800 Roosevelt Rd., Building B, Suite #314
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Phone: 630-469-6548
Fax: 877-663-6548

or via email: cathy@cathyleman.com

Who is Cathy Leman?

Cathy shares her commitment to prevention and wellness with businesses, associations, groups and individuals through nutrition education programs and coaching, lectures, seminars, and breakout sessions. An energetic and empathic speaker, Cathy blends the science and psychology of nutrition and fitness to deliver actionable and practical strategies infused with her inspirational message.

She is a registered, licensed dietitian, certified as a personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and holds a masters degree in health psychology.

In her private practice, Cathy works as a nutrition therapist utilizing the “Intuitive Eating” model combined with realistic nutrition and fitness approaches for weight management, unhealthy relationships with food, emotional and disordered eating patterns, vegan, vegetarian and plant-based nutrition education, and nutrition for breast cancer risk reduction, management and survivorship.

As a freelance writer and author specializing in nutrition, food, fitness and health, Cathy writes for a variety of print and on-line publications. She is the contributing writer for the “Good Carb, Better Carb” cookbook, and author of the booklets “Nutrition at Work: 60 Simple Ways To Eat Healthy On The Road And At The Office“, and “Eat Healthy. Live Healthy. 114 Easy Ways To Make Good Nutrition A Habit“.

Cathy is an honors graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BS in human nutrition, and credentialed as a registered dietitian through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). She earned her graduate degree through National-Louis University’s Master of Arts in Psychology program, with a health psychology concentration.

Professional memberships:

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group
  • Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group